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Popcorn & A Movie

Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Posts from December 2012

Best Movies Of 2012

It's literally the last day of the year, so let's fit one more discussion about film in. 

I felt as if 2012 was not a great year for film.  There was a LOT of trash.  A LOT of uninteresting sequels.  A LOT of superheros who quite frankly were not all that super in my opinion.

There were a few diamonds in the rough though, and I wanted to share them with you.  Here's my Top 10 Movies of 2012 with a note why.

#10 - Prometheus: The supposed Alien prequel was disappointing in the way that it was very vague as to what was actually going on.  I wasn't all that impressed on my first screening, until my mind started asking questions about how this futuristic sci-fi flick was woven together.  The more I thought about it, the more i liked it.  (Sign of a good movie)

#9 - Goon: Some might say this was a foul mouthed, comically violent film that only a hockey fan could appreciate.  Well.  I am that hockey fan.  This film marks the best performace I've ver seen from the typically low-brow Sean Williams Scott.  It has heart.

#8 - Marley: I am a sucker for films about music.  I love the music of Bob Marley, so this was a natural fit. 

#7 - Bernie: Jack Black gets honors for doing that magic film trick, where the character transforms from the person you expect into an all new character.  (another sign of a good movie) A plucky Shirley MacLaine helped this funny, quirky and mostly true tale stick out amongst the rest.

#6 - Sleepwalk With Me: Comedian Mike Birbiglia brought this psuedo-documentary to life about his own trials and tribulations about sleepwalking. He's a funny man and he makes a funny movie.

#5 - The Cabin In The Woods: Watching this one about a group of unsuspecting teens retreating to a remote cabin was like eating candy for this and just about any sci-fi/horror film fan.  So many layers of witty, smart and gory goodness.

#4 - Looper: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis tie together the best use of science fiction in 2012.

#3 - Silver Linings Playbook:  Bradley Cooper plays a recently released patient dealing with his own mental issues, while coming to terms with the consequences of his actions.  Jennifer Lawrence continues to grow as an actress with this performance.  Cooper is likeable once again following his crude sequel to The Hangover. 

#2 - Skyfall: Much like 2008's The Dark Knight was a brilliant action-drama-thriller, which happened to include superheroes, Skyfall is a masterful action-thriller that just happens to be a James Bond movie too.

#1 - Moonrise Kingdom:  I fell in love with this quirky Wes Anderson film early in the year and this tale of young love on the run simply set the bar too high for anyone to top.

Still on the list to see are: Les Miserable, Zero Dark Thirty and The Impossible. 

Honorable mention: Life of Pi, Django Unchained and Total Recall (2012)  which only gets a mention because i watched it in a theater in Harrogate, UK where the local folk were so kind, they offered to share their popcorn, candy and soda with me.   Quite proper!

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Will Bond Get An Oscar?
As I reflect on the movies of 2012, I kind of have to wonder, what's Oscar worthy

James Bond films have been nominated for Oscars seven times, only winning twice; Goldfinger in 1964 for Best Sound Effects and Thunderball in 1965 for Best Visual Effect.

Bond films have never been nominated in the Best Picture category, but I think after this year, that might change.
Can you guess what two original Bond songs have been nominated, but never won?  There are three....

1973's Live & Let Die.  1977's The Spy Who Loved Me & 1981's For Your Eyes Only.


December 10, 2012, 10:45 am
Box-office numbers show that Gerard Butler's latest didn't stand a chance against big figures 'Breaking Dawn- Part 2' and 'Lincoln.' By Ryan J. Downey Daniel Craig in "Skyfall" Photo: Sony/ Columbia Pictures
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Superman, I Won't be Fooled Again
I am somewhat skeptical ther days to accept a tease at face value from one of Hollywood's biggest directors.  Especially for a Superman movie.

Christopher Reeve's Superman movies were a good building base of what my present day love for movies turned out to be.  I loved watching them, and even stuck around through Superman 4, when the series was retreaded and worn out. 

I was quite disappointed by the 2006 Superman Returns but something make me curious about Christopher Nolan's "Man of Steel" that comes out next year.  Nolan has good street cred, and can add a nice dark nature to our superheroes. 
Guess we'll find out if I get fooled again.  


Christopher Nolan Calls ‘Man of Steel’ “The Biggest Possible Movie Version” of Superman

After only seven movies, Christopher Nolan has elevated himself to Hollywood royality. Actually, he probably did it after five movies, but there’s no doubt he’s on a short list of the best in the business. That makes not only his opinions important, but his projects doubly so. He’s currently promoting the home release of his [...]
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