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Adam Elliott

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Puppy Love?


There was a story out of Wausau this week where firefighters rescued a dog from a house fire and revived a Yellow Lab named Coda with mouth-to-snout resuscitation. A teenager was home at the time of the fire and managed to get out safely. He couldn't make it back inside, but the firefighters did.

That's begs the question. Would I be able to do the same for my dog JD? (pictured at the right)

Well, he is a known for creating a lot of slobber. He's got these floppy lips that droop over his mouth. He always has dog breath. Still, if it came down to an emergency, I'd give my pup the kiss of life. I'd be searching for my toothbrush soon afterwards, but in the name of my doggie, I'd do it.

My stupid yappy neighbor's dog that keeps me awake at night? That would be a tougher decision, but I'd like to think I'd help out that little rat dog too.

Here's Coda's story that was on the Today show this morning:

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10/21/2011 5:23AM
Puppy Love?
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