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David Moore
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Scott Miller In The Morning...

Scott was born in Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, Canada (Really - You can look it up, there is such a place), and grew up in Toronto (although the grew up part is still up for debate).  That's why Scott has lots of stations that begin with C's instead of W's on his resume, including the legendary CKLW for over 10 years.

He emigrated to the US on the 4th of July (legally - f.y.i) and worked at Oldies 104.3 in Detroit, then Oldies 104.3 in Chicago where he made learning the slogans real easy.  After over 8 years on the former Chicago Oldies station, WJMK, Scott moved to Florida.

"I've worked round the radio clock; mornings, mid-days, evenings, nights, weekends, been a Program Director, even had a TV show, WOW - Really?, and look forward to being a part of the community in Madison, starting every morning on WOLX."


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