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Scott Miller

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Posts from July 2012

Tuesday 31st Brain Strain
One in ten women have THIS and are keeping it secret.

Incorrect Guesses:  extra cash, ring from an ex, love letters, a 2nd job, secret pen pal, credit card, 2nd cell phone, article of clothing from an ex

Correct Answer:  picture of an ex
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Monday 30th Brain Strain
More than a third of people say no one should be able to do THIS for more than 30 minutes.

Incorrect Guesses:  try to call into the Brain Strain, running, be in a hot tub, stand on their head, be in a sauna, commute to work, talk on the phone, hold your breath, give a public speech

Correct Answer:  save a chair or a seat in a public place like a pool or a beach or a concert.
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Friday 27th Brain Strain
Worldwide, 85% of people who are THIS are women.

Incorrect Guesses:  single parent head of household, flight attendant, alcoholics, gymnists, nurses, realtors, volunteers, teachers, left handed, cashiers, procrastinators, overweight, travel agents

Correct Answer:  over 100 years old
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Thursday 26 Brain Strain
One in five women say THIS is their number one reason for feeling guilty.

Incorrect Guesses:  being late, eating chocolate, eating ice cream, taking time for yourself, not stay at home with kids, say you have a headache when you really don't, not do the dishes, not make the bed

Correct Answer:  sleeping in.
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Wednesday 25th Brain Strain
When asked, 'What do you wish they had on airplanes?', 5% of people said THIS.

Incorrect Guesses:  massage therapists, beds, video games, a smoking section, cartoons, a real bar, special rooms for crying babies or naughty children, glass bottom/see through floor, parachutes

Correct Answer:  showers
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Tuesday 24th Brain Strain
THIS happens to over 40% of men during the first five years of marriage.

Incorrect Guesses:  gain 25 pounds, they're whipped catering to every need and wish of their wife, they become fathers, hair turns grey or they lose their hair, stop hanging with their buddies, get a new hair style, get divorced, cheat, lose their job, lose weight, lose their savings

Correct Answer:  they lose their wedding ring
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Monday 23rd Brain Strain
USA Today says we use THIS about 94 times a year.

Incorrect Guesses:  air conditioning, computer, can opener, bottle opener

Correct Answer:  ATM machine
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Friday 20th Brain Strain
The latest survey from says THIS is the best way to tell a guy does not want to settle down.

Incorrect Guesses:  doesn't want to meet your parents, no opinion in the wedding plans, strippers at bachelor party, still lives with his parents, too much drinking with the boys, he just says it...honesty, never wants to stay home, no engagement ring, avoids everything to do with the wedding, won't set the date

Correct Answer:  the car he drives.  (he won't give up his flashy/sports car)
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Thursday 19th Brain Strain
Before technology, THIS is what your grandparents did.  Today, it's considered very green with 7% of people still doing it.

Incorrect Guesses:  sewing, canning, hand washing dishes, making cleaning products, making your own soap

Correct Answer:  hang clothes on a line
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Wednesday 18th Brain Strain
For about a third of us THIS will be part of our summer vacations this year.

Incorrect Guesses:  fishing, camping, staying at home, putting on suntan lotion, going to the state fair, flying, going to a water park, summer school, getting arrested, visiting relatives, travelling by auto, travelling, sight seeing, going to the Dells, boating, going to an ocean, travelling out of state, staying at a resort or hotel, leaving the country

Correct Answer:  motion sickness
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Tuesday 17th Brain Strain
THIS product used to be for women only, but now they're making it for men too.

Incorrect Guesses:  Secret deoderant, hair coloring, stilletoes, hair removal products

Correct Answer:  False eyelashes or Guylashes
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Monday 16th Brain Strain
Experts suggest couples who cook with THIS can improve their relationship.

Incorrect Guesses:  ginseng, alcohol, olive oil, each other, kids, spices, wok, cinnamon, laughter, a recipe, fondue

Correct Answer:  music
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Friday 13th Brain Strain
Even if they tried, women will never be able to keep up with a man when it comes to doing THIS.

Incorrect Guesses:  writing their name in the snow, procrastination, watching football, sleeping, drinking, lifting weights, sex, having children late in life

Correct Answer: sweat 40% more than women.
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Thursday 12th Brain Strain
What is the number one occupation of women who marry millionaires?

Incorrect Guesses:  aerobic instructors, interior designer, antique dealer, model, artist, potter, owner of a gallery, nurse, doctor, personal assistant, real estate agent, head of a community organization, dentist, lawyer, banker, musician

Correct Answer:  teacher.
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Wednesday 11th Brain Strain
Most of us get about seven of THESE a month.

Incorrect Guesses:  credit card offers, bills, political solicitations, sunny days, phone calls from telemarketers, compliments, job offers, headaches, lottery tickets, fast food deliveries, gallons of milk, days off from work

Correct Answer:  new facebook friends.
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Tuesday 10th Brain Strain
Americans will lose over $5 million this year by not doing THIS.

Incorrect Guesses:  clipping coupons, not filing taxes properly, not servicing their vehicle, dripping faucets, unclaimed money owned to them, turning lights out, inflating tires properly, not recycling, not picking up change on the street, not sending in rebates, "I have nothing", not balancing check book, not paying bills on time, buy gas, checking receipts

Correct Answer:  not redeeming winning lottery tickets
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Topics: Human Interest

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Monday 9th Brain Strain
96% of THESE are purchased by women.

Incorrect Guesses:  flowers, feminine hygiene products, shoes, greeting cards

Correct Answer:  candles
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Friday 6th Brain Strain
What's the #1 nickname that people give to their car?

Incorrect Guesses:  buddy, Old Nellie, Betsy, Scott, Sally, Hut/hup mobile, My Ride, Rhonda

Correct Answer:  Baby.
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Thursday 5th Brain Strain
According to National Geographic, 15% of Americans have bought one of THESE, paying between $75 to $150.

Incorrect Guesses:  coffee maker, GPS, globe, turtle, snake, binoculars, a.c., fish, back pack, fireworks, wine rack, cell phone,sunglasses, blue jeans

Correct Answer:  Tattoo
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Tuesday 3rd Brain Strain
According to a recent study, the majority of snake bit victims have THIS in common.

Incorrect Guesses:  they were wearing shorts, they're thrill seekers, they owned the snakes

Correct Answer:  they were drunk at the time they were biten
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Monday 2nd Brain Strain
THIS is a decision that 11% of parents say they regret.

Incorrect Guesses:  spanking, letting them get their driver's license, having kids in the first place, getting pierced ears, getting a cell phone.

Correct Answer:  the name they gave their child.
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