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Posts from February 2014

Friday 28 Brain Strain
When it comes to the movies, 2 out of 3 Americans haven't done THIS.

Incorrect Guesses:  sneak in, walk out early, not pay for a 2nd movie, bring their own snacks, not turn off their cell phone, talk during movie, go to a foreign film, go to a drive in, fall asleep, wait for the dvd to come out, buy tickets online

Correct Answer:  seen ANY of the 9 movies nominated for Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards.
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Thursday 27 Brain Strain
80% of adults haven't done THIS in about 10 years.

Incorrect GUesses:  read a book, go on an out of state vacation, fly on an airplane, go to the dentist, go to a movie, do math without a calculator, bought a new car, written a story, used a dictionary

Correct Answer:  go to the library
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Wednesday 26th Brain Strain
Relationship experts say that if you do THIS 60 times this year with your spouse, you're much more likely to stay together.

Incorrect Guesses:  go for a walk, go for a dinner/date, make weekend plans

Correct Answer:  watch a romantic comedy movie or t.v. show
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Tuesday 25 Brain Strain
When asked why their last diet failed, 8% of women said THIS

Incorrect Guesses:  they got pregnant, husband sabotaged them, they just quit

Correct Answer:  cold weather
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Monday 24 Brain Strain
4 out of 10 kids will have their first one before their 4th birthday.

Incorrect Guesses:  nightmare, haircut

Correct Answer:  cavity
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Friday 21st Brain Strain
In a recent Yahoo survey, when asked what makes you feel most guilty, THIS was the number one answer.

Incorrect Guesses:  overeating, lies to your spouse, parking in a handicapped spot, Birthday Cake, procrastinating, not picking up after your dog, taking a nap, calling in sick to work, cheating on taxes, not enough exercise, sleeping in, spending money, lies about your age or weight, cheating on someone, lying about someone's cooking, cheating on a diet, eating food we shouldn't eat

Correct Answer:  wasting food
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Thursday 20th Brian Strain
Two thirds of people admit to doing THIS every time they buy a new car

Incorrect Guesses:  pass gas, wash it, buy the extended warranty, kick the tires

Correct Answer:  pay full sticker price
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People: Brian Strain

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Wednesday 19 Brain Strain
Before cashing a winning lottery ticket, more than a quarter of women will hide it HERE.

Correct Answer:  in their bra
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Tuesday 18th Brain Strain
REcent survey says it takes women almost twice as long as men to do THIS

Incorrect Guesses:  to get ready to go anywhere, drive, do laundry, eat

Correct Answer:  order food
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Friday 14th Brain Strain
On casual dress days at the office, THIS is 30% more likely to happen.

Incorrect Guesses:  office romance, inappropriate clothing pushing the limit

Correct Answer:  flirting
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Thursday 13th Brain Strain
According to recent medical studies, if you do THIS alone or even with a group of people, it is proven to relieve stress

Incorrect Guesses:  laugh, playing cards

Correct Answer:  sing
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Wednesday 12th Brain Strain
One of every twenty people say this is why they never want to leave their current job.

Incorrect Guesses:  too much vacation built up, masachism, friendly co-workers, don't want to be unemployed, next job won't be any better than the current one, application/resume too hard to prepare, how much money they get paid, benefits, don't want to pack up their stuff, 401K plan, free coffee, don't want to learn a new skill, they just like the job, work at home, the commute

Correct Answer:  job is too easy
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Topics: Labor

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Tuesday 11th Brain Strain
THe average man will do THIS 1.2 times today.

Incorrect Guesses:  say peek a boo, pretend he's not married, scratch his butt

Correct Answer:  say I Love You
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Monday 10th Brain Strain
8% of people have broken THIS while cheering on their favorite team.

Incorrect Guesses:  tv set, hand, recliner, glass, ankle, ceiling fan/light, sound barrier

Correct Answer:  cell phone
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