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Is there a better decade for music than the 70s? I think not.

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Posts from July 2014

Brain Strain Thursday 31
A third of women have been busted by their husbands for doing THIS, and more than half of men have been busted by their wives for the same thing.

Incorrect Guesses:  eating ice cream in the middle of the night, flirting with friends, sharing razors, squeeling the tires, checking text messages, picking their nose, reading each others email, posing in front of the mirror, drinking straight from the jug in the fridge

Correct Answer:  a secret purchase
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Brain Strain Wednesday 30
When asked what's the most stressful thing you've ever experienced?  THIS was the #1 answer.

Incorrect Guesses:  stuck in traffic, getting married, public speaking, first dates, having a baby, getting divorced, losing your job, getting pulled over by police

Correct Answer:  buying or selling a house
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Topics: Human Interest

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Brain Strain Tuesday 29
THIS happens to a baby 780 times in its first year.

Incorrect Guesses:  baby's heart stops beating, they go to the bathroom

Correct Answer:  gets its picture taken
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Brain Strain Monday 28
Just about half of Moms say THIS is their biggest source of stress.

Incorrect Guess:  getting the kids to do what you've told them to do

Correct Answer:  their husbands
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Brain Strain: Friday, July 25
Recent survey finds we actually do *this* one third less than we think we do…
Incorrect guesses:  sleep, daydream, chew with mouth open
Correct answer:  smile!
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Brain Strain: Wednesday, July 23rd
In a recent survey from Cosmo, Wednesday is the most popular day to do *this*...what?
Incorrect guess:  go out to eat
Correct answer:  go on a first date
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Brain Strain: Tuesday July 22nd
According to a recent survey, 30% of people say they won't ask someone out because of THIS...
Incorrect guesses:  facial hair, bad teeth, chewing tobacco, having children, smoking cigarettes
Correct answer:  their name!
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Brain Strain: Monday, July 21st
More than 10% of Americans went to one of these over the weekend…
Incorrect: fair, family reunion, beach, fireworks display, amusement park, movie, cookout, wedding, concert, park, campground, shopping mall, saloon, gym, ER, grocery store, farmer’s market
Correct answer:  A yard/garage sale!!!

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Brain Strain Friday 18
More than a third of AMericans have made THIS big life decision, that's twice as many as 20 years ago.  And that number is expected to rise to 50% by 2017.

Incorrect Guesses:  buy a house, go to college

Correct Answer:  to be cremated
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Brain Strain Thursday 17
THIS involves a man eight out of every ten times it happens.

Incorrect Guesses:  speeding ticket, getting lost, leaving the toilet seat up, road rage, killing a spider

Correct Answer:  being struck by lightning
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Brain Strain Wednesday 16
Women hold nearly 60% of the positions in THIS potentially profitable field.

Incorrect Guesses:  small business, web designer, health care provider, hair stylist, massage therapist

Correct Answer:  real estate agent
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Brain Strain Tuesday 15
Americans use 3 times as much of THIS as people from anywhere else in the world.

Incorrect Guesses:  gasoline, oil

Correct Answer:  toilet paper
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