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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?

The Hangover

Rated R - 1h40

Reviewed 6.7.09

Now, that was a funny movie.

The Hangover is the story of four guys in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. No, that’s too simple. The Hangover is really the story of three guys searching for the groom they lost after what appears to be a bachelor party that will in the future be described as “epic.”

They wake up in their Vegas hotel suite to find it trashed, with chickens roaming around, Mike Tyson’s Bengal Tiger in their bathroom and one of them missing a tooth. The rest of their time is spent piecing together what happened and making sure their groom gets to the chapel on time.

I felt like The Hangover was trying for a “Three Stooges in Vegas” feel to it, and on several levels it succeeded. Our characters Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) all have very likeable, yet differing qualities that play well off each other. Their story is told well, with our boys venturing into what you might imagine to be the “party to end all other parties,” but still footed with some sense of reality. That is to say, while you’re watching, you feel like this could really be happening.

Phil is the wild one, Stu is the straight arrow and Alan is just a weirdo. Galifinakis has been around for a while, but this role could be likened to John Belushi’s performance in Animal House. He’s odd, yet a charming in a naïve and disturbing sort of way. He actually asks the receptionist at Ceaser’s Palace, if Ceaser had ever lived there.

The ending was my least favorite part of the show because it’s quite formula and predictable. Still, it’s always a good sign when people in the theater are laughing from beginning to end.

Overall Rating:

(Out of Four)
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Adams Rating Guide:

Overall rating: No further explanation needed.

Date Freindly: Will the “dater? get a smooch from the “datee? for taking them to this one.

Good Laughs: A general rating for number of laughs.

Artistic Value:
Includes scenery, camera work, presentation on film, ability to convey a message.

Drama: How much they poured it on and whether it was effective.

Kid Friendly:
Will the kids dig it.

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06/07/2009 8:17AM
The Hangover
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