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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?

The One-Two Punch

I'm not saying I'd do this, but it is interesting.

So let's say your boss is walking down the street.  He doesn't see you lurking in the shadows.  You realize you could PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE with no penalty.  He wouldn't know it was you, you wouldn't lose your job, and the cops wouldn't get you.
 --Do you do it?  In a new survey, 32% of American men say . . . ABSOLUTELY.  Just about one out of three of the men in this country say they'd punch their boss in the face if they could get away with it.  68% say they would not.
 --The survey also found that MORE THAN HALF of American men say they'd punch a coworker if they could get away with it.  52% would, 48% wouldn't.
 --Those numbers are both higher than the three other countries in the survey . . . the U.K., Australia, and Canada.  BUT . . . while they aren't as inclined to punch people from the office, they're MORE inclined than Americans to punch strangers.

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07/25/2012 10:12AM
The One-Two Punch
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