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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?

The Proposal

Rated PG - 1h47

Reviewed 6.14.09

Its only fun until the couple that hate each other, realize they really love each other.

That’s putting the latest Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds flick into simple terms, but The Proposal is only a fun movie to the point when it becomes a romantic comedy just like every other romantic comedy ever made.

Bullock plays New York book publishing executive and ice queen Margaret Tate. Andrew Paxton (Reynolds) is her assistant, whipping boy, only social contact and for all intensive purposes, her slave.

Andrew hates his boss, but sticks with the job because of his dreams of becoming a book editor. Margaret, a Canadian, then finds out her visa is to expire and blackmails Andrew into marrying her, so both can keep their job. Let the wackiness begin. Under pressure from an extremely over zealous immigration agent, the odd couple venture to Alaska to visit Andrew’s family and get their background stories straight.

I laughed quite a bit at Bullock and Reynolds taking jabs at each other, because in one way or another, they both deserved it. Betty White adds a little spice to the recipe as Andrew’s spunky 90-year old grandmother and there’s some funny physical comedy involving a yappy puppy almost being fed to a screeching hawk.

For me, things turned quite formulaic after our leads realize they might have something real. From that point, the story could taken a number of different routes. Instead, The Proposal opts for the grand love gesture of man professing his love to woman, not caring what anyone else has to say about it. Seen it before. I was disappointed, because I like both Bullock and Reynolds. While their work keep the film together, the story itself was weak.

By the way, did I mention Sandra Bullock is as naked as you can get a person and keep a PG-13 rating.

My girlfriend Vanessa seemed to like it a bit more than me, but said it fell apart near the end.

Overall Rating:(Out of Four)
Date Friendly:
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Adams Rating Guide:
Overall rating: No further explanation needed.
Date Freindly: Will the “dater? get a smooch from the “datee? for taking them to this one.
Good Laughs: A general rating for number of laughs.
Artistic Value: Includes scenery, camera work, presentation on film, ability to convey a message.
Drama: How much they poured it on and whether it was effective.
Kid Friendly: Will the kids dig it.

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06/15/2009 2:04PM
The Proposal
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