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Ticking Clock

Now, my son is counting the hours until summer vacation.  Probably because he heads to Florida on Sunday for a week at my parents house.

At my folks, Sam gets to eat what he wants, watch as much TV as he wants and stay up as late as he wants.  And, of course...They.  Have.  A.  Pool.  When he comes home, he smells like chlorine for days (maybe weeks)!

Now I know from my mom that he does eat more than junk food when he's there (cheetos and chocolate for breakfast is apparently only tasty for a day or two) and that he doesn't actually make it much past 10pm.  As for the TV, well, it's always on but he's not at the "couch potato kid" stage yet.  The idea of it is way cooler than the reality of just sitting around.

But I am so grateful my parents are able to indulge him this way--he's so excited!

And my husband and I are looking forward to dining out whenever and wherever we want for the week too.

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06/10/2009 8:51AM
Ticking Clock
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