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Adam Elliott

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Top 10: Movies of 2011

It's about that time of the year for Best of 2011 lists.  This blog is the first of many soon to be coming Top Ten of 2011 lists.  (Side note...I miss doing this particular list with my buddy Star Cinema Steve)

We'll start with Top 10 Movies of 2011 (That I've Seen)
10. Our Idiot Brother -  Paul Rudd's hippy-dippy character dude reminded me a little too much of myself and my family dynamics.

9. The Thing (2011) - I had extra low expectations for this horror story retelling and was pleasantly horrified surprised.

8. Rango -  I was not so much impressed with Johnny Depp playing a lizard as how well this animated kids movie looked.  High marks for being visually stunning and use of music.

7. My Week With Marilyn -
I now love anything that Michelle Williams is in. 

6. Win WIn
- This was the first one that Paul Giamatti has done in a while that I really enjoyed.  He plays a losery wrestling coach who meets an undiscovered talent that brings back his interest in life.

. Super 8 - It was ET for the new generation.  My special moment was taking my 10 year old nieces, who only remembered the one swear word from the movie, and reported it to their parents.

4.  Tucker & Dale Vs Evil
-  This southern backwoods comedy beautifully mocks the slasher genre.  Watching it was like eating candy.

Beginners - A talking dog plus a fantastic story involving Ewan McGregor whose character recounts a new relationship along with his final days with his father.  Christopher Plummer is superb as the father who waits his whole life to come out.

Midnight In Paris - Woody Allen delivered a treat.  I caught it not too long after visiting Paris, so it kept my French buzz going.

1. 50/50
- I'll admit it.  This Joseph Gordon-Levitt dramedy about a young man coming to terms with cancer made me cry.  Great story with a lot of heart.
Still on my To-See List, and may make the Top 10:
 - Tree Of Life
 - Barney's Version
 - Meek's Cutoff

Honorable Mention outside the Top 10 list
 - Like Crazy
 - Beats, Rhythms & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest
 - 13 Assassins
 - Melancholia
 - Pearl Jam Twenty
 - Hesher
 - Bridesmaids
 - Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

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12/07/2011 10:16AM
Top 10: Movies of 2011
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12/08/2011 6:25AM
Star Cinema Steve favorite 2011 movies
Although I don't have a cool "thumbs up" graphic. Here are my favorites of the year. Always surprises me how Adam matches some. 9. Captain America 8. Tucker and Dale 7. Adjustment Bureau 6. Super 8 5. Ides of March 4. Hanna 3. Rango 2. Xmen First Class 1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes I'm still looking forward to several. But for what it's worth, Adam! (and quit bringing full sandwiches into the movies.)
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