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Adam Elliott

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Top 10 Best Movies of 2010

It's time for my annual list of the Best Movies of 2010. There was a LOT of very poorly made movies this year (I'm looking at you Little Fockers,) which is why these ones stood out and deserve a viewing.

Since I'm only picking ten , I also added a few extra made-up categories of other movies worth mentioning below.

#10 - The Town - A great crime thriller. Say what you will about Ben Affleck. The dude knows how to make a good Baaaaah-ston movie.

#9 - Shutter Island - A excellent tale, a dark backdrop and a story that I couldn't quite figure out until the end.

#8 - The Kids Are Alright - I watched it on a 7 1/2" blurry screen on a flight from Detroit to Paris. It was still good.

#7 - True Grit - The Dude does The Duke justice. Brilliant dialogue in a classic western style.

#6 - The Fighter - I apologize for calling this one a modern day "Rocky." It has it's own story and a lot of heart.

#5 - Toy Story 3 - You win this time Disney.

#4 - Inception - Don't tell me it was too hard to follow. This was a fantastic, original, and visually stunning idea.

#2 - (Two Way Tie) 127 Hours & Black Swan- Minus the whole arm cutting off thing, I felt a close connection to 127 Hours love of the outdoors. A great nature movie. Black Swan was just beautiful in every way.

#1 - The Social Network - Intense, dramatic and topical. Rarely does a movie draw you in this much. I had to check my watch because the two hour run time flew by.

Other winners:

My Guilty Pleasure Of 2010: Machete
Favorite Close To A Series: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest
Favorite Comedy: Get Him To The Greek
Favorite Movie That No One Else Liked: Hot Tub Time Machine
Favorite Scary Movie: Devil
Favorite Movie With Flaming Swords Starring Michael Cera: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Favorite Kids Movie If Not For Toy Story 3: How To Train Your Dragon

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12/28/2010 7:06AM
Top 10 Best Movies of 2010
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