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Adam Elliott

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Top TV Moments

I'm trying to think what my Top TV moments are over my lifetime.  I really prefer a movie screen to the small screen, but when Nielsen came out with this new list of the top TV moments of the last 50 years, this surprised me a bit.

You'd think TV finales or memorable drama or sitcom moments would stick out in people's heads more.  Nope.  It's really news coverage that we remember so well. That's a bit sobering.

Here's how they measured it: They created a score for each event derived by the number of people who viewed the event live, the number who could recall details about where they were during the occurrence and the number who could remember discussing what happened with others. Those parameters may explain why the surreal, slow-speed chase of Simpson's white Ford Bronco on June 17, 1994 ranked higher on the list than the earthquake in Japan, the Columbine High School shootings and the 2010 BP oil spill.

Based on that criteria, I'm guessing my list would be pretty similar to the Top 20 that Nielsen came up with.  Maybe throw some Simpson's episodes in there too.

1. September 11th tragedy (2001)
2. Hurricane Katrina (2005)
3. O.J. Simpson verdict (1995)
4. The Challenger space shuttle disaster (1986)
5. Death of Osama bin Laden (2011)
6. O.J. Simpson white Bronco chase (1994)
7. Earthquake in Japan (2011)
8. Columbine High School shooting (1999)
9. BP oil spill (2010)
10. Princess Diana's funeral (1997)
11. Death of Whitney Houston (2012)
12. Capture and execution of Saddam Hussein (2006)
13. Barack Obama's acceptance speech (2008)
14. The Royal Wedding (2011)
15. Assassination of John F. Kennedy (1963)
16. Oklahoma City bombing (1995)
17. Bush/Gore election results (2000)
18. L.A. riots (1992)
19. Casey Anthony verdict (2011)
20. Funeral of John F. Kennedy (1963)

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07/11/2012 9:34AM
Top TV Moments
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