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Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: The Cabin In The Woods

Rated R

By far, The Cabin In The Woods has been my favorite movie watching experience in 2012.  It plays with the horror genre, but makes a greater effort to please the fans.
Written by sci-fi fan favorite Joss Whedon and Cloverfield screenwriter Drew Goddard, TCITW is not the atypical gore fest.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of gore, just in an unexpected style.  That’s the thing this movie really has going for it.  The unexpected elements are a treat, but you won’t find me making any spoilers here.
That means the summation of the plot will be quite short.  Five archetype college friends; the jock, the stoner, the bookworm, the sexy girl and the modest girl all head to a cabin (in the woods) for a weekend of partying.  Little do they know, they don’t end up with the type of weekend they had in store.  
Two of my favorite actors today. (Madison’s own) Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins have parallel roles with the college kids and are largely responsible for the much welcome comic relief. 
Horror genre clichés are amusingly played upon and paying close attention to the dialogue made me giddy. The plot is rollercoaster.  You might see what’s ahead, but the experience of it playing out is what’s great.

I think the movies that keep you guessing are always the most entertaining.  While this isn’t high brow by any means, I think it’s as good or better than just about anything else 2012 cinema has brought us.
OK…one spoiler.  Thanking a zombie hand for doing your dirty work is not only good manners, it’s the right thing to do.

Sidenote:  The only reason that TCITW doesn't get Four solid Buckets of Popcorn is becase I didn't get to see it with my horrorific freind Steve.  He is not the horror, but that's the movies he loves. That half bucket is for you brother.

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04/13/2012 2:46PM
Movie Review: The Cabin In The Woods
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