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Adam Elliott

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Voice Mail: Do It or Don't Do

When's the last time you left a friend a voicemail?  If you can't remember, don't worry,  it means you're being polite.  At least according to an article in the "New York Times", the new rule of cell phone etiquette in this day and age is: only leave a voicemail if it's a LIFE-OR-DEATH EMERGENCY.

Otherwise, hang up and send a text summarizing what you were going to say.

The theory here is that leaving a voicemail is a BURDEN on the other person.  They have to actually go to the trouble of pressing the button and listening to it.  And there's nothing you'd say in a voicemail you can't say in a text.

I for one disagree.  I have a bunch of stored voicemails from my neices and nephews that are just too cute to delete.  Also, who doesn't like to hear the voice of a family member you haven't heard from in a while..assuming you're on good terms with that family member.

I get the feeling that this survey was focused more on the youth of today, who actually stopped reading after three sentences.  Sorry to burden you kids.

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03/13/2013 7:16AM
Voice Mail: Do It or Don't Do
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