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Jim Morales
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The Brain Strain


Wednesday 5th Brain Strain

1 in 9 people replied with THIS, when asked when did you know you were getting older?

Incorrect Guesses:  body aches, grey hair, they stop asking for ID when you buy alcohol, your kids are aging, having your first grandchild, forgetting where you put things, when you were first born, you sound like your parents, saggy boobs, lose hearing, talking abouit retirement, squinting, waking up in the night to tinkle, early bird dinners, getting your first social security check, having to write things down, can't drive after dark, using coupons, you see kids you used to babysit old enough to drink,

Correct Answer:  they'd rather stay home when their friends were going out

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06/05/2013 8:29AM
Wednesday 5th Brain Strain
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