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The Brain Strain


Wednesday Brain Strain

Over 50% of us have done this.  3% who have done it have had to call for help.

Incorrect Guesses:  gone to jail, run  out of gas, driven off the road, gone for a boat ride, done our own plumbing, had a flat tire, been in a car accident, got stuck in the snow, put out tongue on a metal pole in winter, done their own oil change, locked the keys in the car, lost their keys, gone in the ditch

Correct Answer:  lost the car in a parking lot

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10/05/2011 4:02AM
Wednesday Brain Strain
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10/05/2011 6:12AM
Carol McClellan
I have so done that I should be the 50% all by myself. I've finally learned to picture what I see when I'm walking away so I know what I've seen when I come back out.
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