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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?

What Does My Desk Say About Me?

That's a picture of my desk.  It's sorta clean, but then again it's sorta messy. 

What does this say about me?  It says I'm sitting at my desk at 7:45am on Monday morning.  Harumpf...ugh Monday.  My coffee cup is too small today.

In any case, here's a new study about what your desk says about you...

How you keep your desk could impact the choices you make, according to a new study. Researchers found that a participants sitting in an orderly workspace ate healthier and were more generous. That's because a tidy environment influences people to do what's expected of them, says the study. A messy desk wasn't bad, though; the disorganized backdrop promoted more creative problem-solving and originality. The researchers say sloppiness in a creative environment could allow you to see things differently, possibly spurring out-of-the-box thinking.

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08/12/2013 8:07AM
What Does My Desk Say About Me?
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