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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?

What Would I Say To Michael Jackson?

michael-jackson-concert-2Looks like I've lost the opportunity, but there is one question I would like to ask the King of Pop, if here were still here today.

I could go hard core and just ask him straight up if "he ever did it." I don't think I'd get a straight answer because he's dodged that question before.

My question would be; "Was it all worth it?"

You can amass fame, fortune, and enough money to fund a small country, but will all that make you happy? I'm guessing the answer is no. Michael Jackson seemed like a tormented person. His eccentricities were splattered all over front pages around the world and that type of scrutiny and spotlight can make anybody crazy.

I'm not defending how he handled himself. His reactions to the world around him were often bizarre. But if you think about would you have reacted. And...if it were you in his place, what would you have done?

I think anyone in a similar, isolated situation might respond likewise.

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06/26/2009 8:51AM
What Would I Say To Michael Jackson?
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08/30/2009 6:25PM
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