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Adam Elliott

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When Worlds Collide

This is a good Friday for this reason alone.

I got to talk about Star Wars in the news.

Scientists discovered a planet in a galaxy far, far away that looks may be Luke Skywalker’s home.  It was a unique finding because it's first planet that orbits around two suns.  It's located about about 200 light years away.

Since that was the same scenario in the movie Star Wars, they’ve named the planet Tatooine, the same name as the young Jedi's home planet.

According to Science Magazine:
The Saturn-sized planet is around 200 light-years from Earth and circles two stars about every 229 days . The stars themselves orbit each other every 41 days, “causing brightness dips.” Unlike Tatooine though, there’s little doubt that Kepler-16b is uninhabitable with average temperatures of around minus 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

OK, so maybe you can't bulls-eye womprats with a T-16 there, but the news alone got my midichlorians all a-tingle.

But wait, there's more.  Today is also the day that they release the entire Star Wars saga on Blu-ray.

How'd they coordinate that?

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09/16/2011 5:35AM
When Worlds Collide
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