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Adam Elliott

What does Adam have to say?


Rated PG-13 - 1h47

Reviewed 5.01.09

I can sink my claws into this type of summer blockbuster fun knowing that style sometimes triumphs over substance.

Hugh Jackman reprises his role as the mutant Wolverine in this Marvel Comic’s story that sort-of tells us about where he comes from. Wolverine, along with his similarly wolf-like brother Victor (Leiv Schreiber) has been around since pre-Civil War times. After whomping the enemy together through every major US war, the pair are recruited into a covert US military organization.

Fed up with the group’s atrocities, Wolverine goes rogue. Later, the General that enlisted him, and his own bloodthirsty brother hunts him.

As far as action sequences and comic book themes, it’s not bad. Explosions are big. The fisticuffs look brutal and the bad guys are evil. I wouldn’t say Jackman is trying to deliver an Oscar performance here, but that’s not what you’d expect from this type of movie.

As expected, there are plenty of holes to the plot. Why did Wolverine stop growing old when he hit Jackman’s age? Why is he a mutant in the first place? Is he really Canadian? Bogging yourself down in those details will only act to distract you from what was some shiny, action packed, comic book-movie fun.

So, we’re left with a little peek into the tortured soul that is Wolverine. Then again, we already know that the character has amnesia, so he forgets everything that happened to him. I feel like this movie gave me exactly what I wanted. A little brainless fun. Gimme a couple more summer blockbusters and I might forget this one too.

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05/01/2009 8:10AM
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