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Adam Elliott

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Would Have Liked To See That

Not that I wish any ill will on Bret Micheals, but that kind of looked like karmic retribution.

If you didn't catch it, the lead singer of the 80's big hair band Poison was clocked by a prop during the Tony Awards last night.  Bret and his band were performing the song "Nothing But A Good Time," a song I'm all to familiar with.  That sadly was the rock and roll that was on the radio when I was growing up, so its forever part of my childhood.

That's not why karmic forces may have been working against Mr. Michaeals.

Did you ever catch his TV show called Rock of Love?  In a nutshell, Micheals gets to pick from several trainwrecks of women who then get to go on a date with him.  Wow!  Big prize.

in any case, during the show he was given the opportunity of sending the losing contestants away.  Clearly they cursed him and wished for something heavy to fall on his head.  Their wish was granted last night.

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06/08/2009 8:00AM
Would Have Liked To See That
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