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The Brain Strain


Yeah, So What.

I walked to work yesterday. 

Before you try pinning the medal on my chest, hanging the blue ribbon around my neck, it's only about a mile.  And it was sort of planned.  And I love to walk.  But, when the storm started the evening before, and the wind was blowing and the snow was drifting, I figured I'd have an issue getting out of the garage and getting the less than 100 yards to a main drag.  The main drag was plowed when I left home, on foot, at 4:30 yesterday morning.  But when I went to the underground parking garage, there was some snow inside the door!  Not a good sign.  That door had 4 foot snow drifts against it.  No way would my car get thru that.   I knew I should have bought that jet powered engine option.  Anyway, I went to the other underground garage door.  That one had 6 foot drifts.  So like a Fats Domino song, I'm Waddling. 

It was invigorating.  Refreshing.  Thankfully the wind was at my back.  And the only vehicles I encountered as I walked along the side of the street were snowplows.  Salute to those guys.  If I had SuperBowl tickets for you, I'd gladly give them to you.  Yeah, I know, easy to say when you don't have them.  I'm getting sidetracked.  Imagine that.  Back to that feeling, when the visual is pristine, and there's nobody around.  Aah, everything is alright.  The wind is at my back.

Life rolls on. 

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02/03/2011 7:38AM
Yeah, So What.
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02/04/2011 10:04AM
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