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Adam Elliott

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Year End Top 10's - Saying Goodbye

michael-jacksonMaybe its  crass to do a top ten list of celebrities that have died in 2009.

Then again, they were people that we knew and sometimes loved, so in a way we miss them.  Consider this not an insult, but rather a way to remember their passing.

Celebrities that had some affect on my life that we said goodbye to in 2009:

10: Ed McMahon (3/6/1923-6/23/2009)- He never brought me that Publishers Clearing House check, but I still love and imitate that belly laugh of his.

9. Walter Cronkite (11/4/1916 - 7/17/2009) I didn't get to see him in his prime news days...too young. Everyone I know who watched him still holds him in high regard. As a kid, I thought he was Captain Kangaroo.

8. Paul Harvey (9/4/1918 - 2/28/2009) One of my first radio jobs was airing this nutjob's blibber-blather.

7. John Hughes (2/18/1950 - 8/6/2009) He wrote the films that made my generation sing.

6. Beatrice Arthur (5/13/1922 - 4/25/2009) I knew her as Bea from Golden Girls. Who woulda thought a grown man would admit to liking a show about grannies.

5. Ricardo Montalban (11/25/1920 - 1/14/2009) There was not a smoother senior out there. Adios mi amigo and I forgive you Kahn.

4. Farrah Fawcett (2/2/1947 - 6/25/2009) Respect to the pinup.

3. David Carradine (12/8/1936 - 6/4/2009) After Kill Bill, I start watching Kung-Fu and you up and leave.  I am still the grasshopper.

2. Patrick Swayze (8/18/1952 - 9/14/2009) He's still like the wind. There may never be a greater movie than Roadhouse.

1. Michael Jackson (8/29/1958 - 6/25/2009) King of Pop. I also hope they remember the good things you tried to do in your life.

I didn't forget about you Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Ted Kennnedy, Billy Mays, Karl Malden. Les Paul, Dom Deluise or Brittany Murphy. R.I.P.

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12/23/2009 1:48AM
Year End Top 10's - Saying Goodbye
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