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Adam Elliott

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Year End Top 10's - Weird Wisconsin Stuff

wisconsinWeird stuff goes on out there.  Really weird stuff.

It especially happens in Wisconsin, so I thought I'd compile a list of the Top 10 Weirdest news stories from this year.

10. Wiscosin Toll Roads - (February)The idea didn't make it very far, but there was some discussion about it.

9. Danny Gokey - (May) The Milwaukee crooner makes the top three of American Idol.  Seems more real when they're from our home.

8.  Snow Shuts Down Wisconsin - (December) Sure we got a lot of snow on December 9th, but remember we live in Wisconsin.  State Government, Madison schools and the UW all shut it down.  Baby says: waaa-waaah.

7. Live Like You Mean It - (March) Wisconsin's new tourism slogan and cartwheeling character logo is not so original.  Bacardi Rum used the exact same phrase in a previous ad campaign.

6. Peanuts On The Square - (April) Somebody freaked out about feeding peanuts to Squirrels around the Capitol Square. They thought it might harm potential visitors who might encounter them.  Sounds like a lot of maybes.

5. Raising The Beer or Alcohol Tax - (Summertime)Don't you dare touch my beer.  Come on, would anyone really support this idea?

4.  Oregon's Jeff Skiles - Sully's Co-Pilot - (February) He didn't get all the credit that Chesley Sullenberger got, but he was right there with him in the cockpit.  Cool as a cucumber and also in the Hudson.

3. Four Women Glue Man's Privates To Himself (August)- OK...this was some weird love triangle thing and the Milwaukee area guy wronged all the women involved.  Still Crazy gluing his junk to his stomach.  Yikes!

2.  Pilots Miss Minneapolis, Figure It Out Over Wisconsin (October)- Oh boy.  Take the laptops away from the pilots.

1. Brett Favre goes to the Minnesota Vikings. (June) I swear there was a week or so when it seemed like the opposite of everything I believed was coming true.

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12/28/2009 8:36AM
Year End Top 10's - Weird Wisconsin Stuff
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02/05/2010 9:10AM
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