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Adam Elliott

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Year End Top 10s ? Things That Went Away In The 2000s

goodbyeFeeling a little nostalgic today. I started thinking about the things that have gone away in Madison since 2000. Some of them I miss, some of them...not so much.

Here's my list of the more important things that no longer are....

10. My fly by night mortgage company. I was a first time buyer when they were handing out risky loans like candy. Luckily, I refinanced with a reputable bank and kept up on the payments. That mortgage company closed less than a month before I got out.
9. O'Cayz Corral - You burnt down on New Years Day 2001. I had a friend who played there often. You were very loud.
8. Madison Beaches - OK, they're still there, but they close so often that it's almost like they're not.
7. The Civic Center - I have many fond memories of seeing great artists there. Most notabally...Weird Al Yankovich.
6. Cafe Momartre' - Small, cramped, but my team won 2nd place in the first annual Madison Simpson's Trivia contest there.
5. The Madison Blues Fest - Pretty cool event on Lake Monona. The blues still live on.
4. Angelic Brewing - Don't tell anyone, but I nearly lost a fake ID at Angelic...ahhh memories.
3. J.T. Whitneys - I know you called a brat & mashed potatoes: Bangers and Mash, but I still like to dine in your halls.
2. Westgate & South Towne Cinema - I know they were kinda run down, but the more movie houses the better.
1. Smoking in Madison Restaurants & Bars - I don't actually miss it at all, but I like the building additions that people have added on so smokers can be sent into the cold.

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12/21/2009 7:14AM
Year End Top 10s – Things That Went Away In The 2000s
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