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Adam Elliott

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Year End Top 10s - Best Christmas Movies Of The 2000s

elf_poster_final_shortWhen you really break it down and look at only Christmas moves that were made in the last decade, the list is not that long.

The list of those movies that were actually good is much shorter.

Just in time for Christmas, here's my Top 10 Best Christmas Movies of the 2000s:

10.  Fred Claus - I wanted to shake Vince Vaughan and Paul Giamatti into submission for this one.  Why? Why? Why? Santa's slacker brother Fred comes to the North Pole to live with Santa and nothing good happens.  I really mean it.

9.  The Santa Clause 2 & 3 - Tim Allen beats a dead reindeer a couple more times.  Funny.  I actually thought the first one was a novel idea.  Not so much on the follow up.

8.  Christmas With The Kranks - A god-awful attempt at comedy from Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. It fits in the "What where they thinking" category. In it a family does a last minute Christmas when daughter decides to come home at the last minute. Non-comedy ensues.

7.  Four Christmases - Vince Vaughan & Reese Witherspoon keep this boat from sinking in the egg nog, but just barely.  Wacky things happen with dysfunctional family members get together.  Hmmmm...maybe the familiarity was what I somewhat liked.

6.  Love Actually - A bunch of couples deal with their love lives in London during the holidays.  Its mildly entertaining for a chick flick.

5.  A Christmas Carol (2009) - Jim Carrey likes Christmas.  Disney does and over the top good job casting this old story in a new 3D light.

4.  How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) - Jim Carrey does a mediocre job as The Grinch.  You're still better off watching the shorter and more pleasing cartoon version they show on TV.

3 . The Polar Express - I still think the characters have dead eyes like sharks, but Polar gets credit for being visually stunning.

2. Bad Santa - Not for the kids, but maybe one of the most outlandish, dark and clever Christmas tales.

1. Elf - Will Ferrell has made what is probably closest to being considered a modern Christmas classic.

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12/23/2009 11:41PM
Year End Top 10s - Best Christmas Movies Of The 2000s
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