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Adam Elliott

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Year End Top 10s - Technology That Now Owns Us

oldcomputerJust think of all the technological advances we've had since the beginning of the decade. Some good. Some that make you want to go insane....incredibly insane.  They weren't here when the decade started, but they're part of your life now.

With the aid of our Engineer Tony, I've complied a list of some of the greatest tech advancements we now consider standard. Maybe they've revolutionized the world. Maybe they've just given us a larger headache. You decide.

Is it the 1984 that Orwell predicted? Probably not. Then again, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs told me to say that.

10. YouTube (2005) - A great tool for people around the world to share their opinions. That, and a great place to see videos of dogs & cats doing crazy things, people injuring themselves and countless celebrity flubs.

9. Text Speak (2000-09) - Text speak helped us quickly convey a short message.  Now, text speak is showing up in email and has made its way into other written communication.  College students are turning papers in that say "u" instead of  "you."  Ooops, time to rewrite the dictionary.

8. Wi-Fi (2000-09) Ooooh.  Internet where ever we go.  Remember, stealing it from your neighbor is wrong...unless you don't get caught.

7. Smart Phones (2005) - Internet, email, phone, text, apps.  All at your fingertips, all the time.  Hmmmm... is there a single device that's made us more ADD?

6. Bluetooth Technology (2000-09) - The phone without holding the phone.  Good for driving?  The studies say probably not.  Good for walking around and multitasking?  I guess, if you don't mind being the jerk in a crowd who looks insane and talking to themselves?  Good for fashion?  Nope.

5.The Stupid Orange Button (2005) - Players of Guitar Hero or Rock Band know.  These highly addictive games highlight the massive explosion of the gaming industry.  Yeah, less social interaction...more war game training.   BTW...the orange button is the "5th finger" button on a Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitar.  Very hard to reach.

4. Customizable Ringtones (early 2000s) - Fun new toys for your new toys.  Didn't you love sitting at a restaurant for dinner then hearing that stupid screaming frog ringtone?  Truly deserving of a punch in the face.

3. iPods/MP3 Players (2000) - Your own personal music selection.  You can now carry around your entire music library in your pocket.  Use those fancy matching earbud headphones and you're on the fast track to becoming deaf.

2. HDTV (2009) - Nice resolution eh!  Nobody's really complaining about the switchover, but what a headache it was to do.  They sure led to a funny YouTube video of the old lady trying to plug her black and white TV into her toaster.

1. Facebook/Twitter (2004) - Instant access to and for everyone.  They didn't catch on until later on in the decade, but man, do they rule our worlds now.  Social networking brings us all that much closer.  It also lets your old weird high school classmates; your mother; your boss; your future boss; the police; probably the FBI and maybe Osama bin Laden keep tabs on your boring life.

By the way, of course I want to know that you're: sitting in your living room; watching TV; eating Cheerios for dinner; playing with the cat; had an awesome time last night; looking forward to Friday; reciting rock lyrics; sharing gossip; bummed that its cold outside or need a plowing on Farmville.  What could be more intersteing?

Enjoy the 2010's.  I can't wait to see what's next.

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12/30/2009 8:01AM
Year End Top 10s - Technology That Now Owns Us
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