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Adam Elliott

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Yearbook Comments

Something odd struck me while looking back at the old yearbook entries.

On Wednesday, Fletch, Heather and I took a look at the entries in our yearbooks.  Heather seemed to think I had a treasure trove of fun stuff to look at.  What I noticed, is that there were a lot of girls who left their phone numbers along with their entry.

On the surface that looks like I was quite the ladies man.  While I would be quick to assume that title, it may not be exactly accurate.

That's just my dealio.  I had a bunch of guy friends in school, but I also had a lot of friends who were girls too.  I had an older sister, so I was never afraid of girls or talking to girls.  I never subscribed to the theory that girls had cooties, but were rather to be treated as equals.  I guess that's why the ladies don't mind lending thier digits every now and then.

If that makes me look like a Rico Suave Cassanova, so be it.

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06/11/2009 8:08AM
Yearbook Comments
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09/02/2009 2:05PM
Hi, Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.
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