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Crayola Announces Plans to Retire Iconic Color

Crayola just announced plans to retire one of the colors from their iconic 24-count box of crayons. Which color will be removed? You'll have to wait until Friday to find out because the company is keeping that a secret for now. The current list of colors included in the 24-count box is: red, yellow... Read More

Study: Taking a Bath Could Help You Lose Weight

If you aren't a fan of taking a bath, this news may change your mind. Taking a hot bath has some serious health benefits! According to research from Loughborough University , hot baths can burn the same amount of calories as going for a run. Yes! In fact, if you take an hour-long bath with the... Read More

RECIPE: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This recipe is everything you love about crispy chicken tossed in a buttery, hot-and-spicy Buffalo sauce piled on a golden bubbly cheese pizza garnished with crumbled bleu cheese, fresh chopped green onions and even more zesty Buffalo sauce. PREPARATION: Heat oven to 450°F. On a lightly oiled work... Read More

The Names to Choose If You Want Your Baby to Become a Millionaire

What's in a name? Apparently, a lot. Naming a baby can be a bit challenging. There is so much to consider when choosing the perfect name for that little bundle of joy. Well, if you are hoping that bundle of joy grows up to become a millionaire there are certain names that seem to help those odds... Read More

6 Wine Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

It's the weekend, and you may want to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Yet, it seems like something always goes wrong when we need that glass of wine the most, right? Sometimes the wine isn't chilled when you decide to open the bottle, and other times you can't find a corkscrew to open the bottle of... Read More

This Simple Trick Will Help You Sleep Better Each Night

Do you make your bed every single day? Well, it may actually be affecting your sleep each night if you don't. I know that I don't make my bed. In fact, my bed looks like a hot mess with the blanket and sheets half off the bed. A study done by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who make... Read More

WATCH LIVE: Puppies Playing in Honor of National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day can be a tough holiday to celebrate if you are stuck at work. In fact, National Puppy Day SHOULD be a paid holiday from work, right? Well, we hated not being able to celebrate with our beloved four-legged friends today. So we’re helping you to fill that void. Yes, we present to... Read More

You Can Now Buy a Perfume to Smell Like a Kitten

There's a new product on the market for cat lovers that has gone viral because it may seem a little crazy. It's a perfume for people called Kitten Fur by Demeter . If you've ever smelled a kitten, you know that there is a warm furry smell. It's very comforting and cozy, in my opinion. You’ve gotta... Read More