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It's Better to be Single, According to Science

Still single after Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. You're better off than your married friends, according to science. In fact, Business Insider just looked into some recent studies that explored this topic, and here are two benefits that scientists agreed about: Being Single Increases the Social... Read More

Ed Sheeran Was Reportedly Asked to Perform at the Royal Wedding

We have known for quite a while that Ed Sheeran is the perfect crooner. Well, apparently now he has been asked to be the ROYAL crooner. Entertainment Tonight (ET) is reporting that Sheeran has been asked to perform a "few songs" for Prince Harry's upcoming wedding to Meghan Markle . It is not clear... Read More

Posh Spice Says There Won't Be a Spice Girls Reunion Tour

We were skeptical last week when we heard the rumors, but we had to hold on hope for a Spice Girls reunion tour. At the time, TMZ was reporting that the Spice Girls would be heading on a reunion tour later this year . Well, Victoria "Posh" Spice" Beckham just shot those rumors down. There are no... Read More

Whoa! The Spice Girls Will Reportedly Go On A World Tour This Year

The Spice Girls are not only getting back together for some reunion projects, but apparently, one of those projects will be a reunion tour. This exciting news was revealed in a TMZ exclusive report today . What do we know? Not much just yet. However, TMZ says that photo of the girls together that... Read More

Woof! You Can Swipe Right to Help Puppies On Tinder This Weekend

You may find an adorable puppy begging you to swipe right as you scroll through Tinder this weekend. No, we're not kidding. We mean an ACTUAL puppy could be on your phone begging for "a like." The best part? You could HELP that puppy (and his/her shelter friends) if you do swipe right. We know you... Read More