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Badgerland Girl Scouts of Wisconsin

Cookies are Great, But Here's Why Girl Scouts are So Much More...

It's Girl Scout Week, and around the country more than 2-million current Girl Scout members, along with 60-million women who are former Girl Scouts, are celebrating 106 years of Scouting success. Does it include cookies? You bet! But, the long tradition really aims to support girls as they gain... Read More
Robert J and Teri Barr

What is "MAMA Cares" & Why YOU Should Care: Q&A with Robert J

What would you do if your loved one was diagnosed with a serious brain infection, and doctors suggested immediate surgery? If you are long-time, Madison-based musician Robert J, who dealt with this exact scenario two years ago when his son Jacy Ray had to have an emergency operation, you push ahead... Read More
Weekend Perspective: Community Action Coalition

Weekend Perspective: Your Information and Education Show

Have you heard...? Entercom Madison, made up of 94.9 WOLX, and our sister stations 105.1 The Mix and 105.5 Triple M, offers a weekly, hour-long show featuring information and education on topics important to you. This ranges from highlighting the work being done by area nonprofits to sharing more... Read More
Jim & Teri in WOLX Coats

McGaw in the Morning is Now Part of the History at WOLX

What is one year? Whether you count it as 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, or as one complete orbit of the earth around the sun -- it is time. And time seems to fly when you are having fun! Jim and I are having fun, and we thank YOU for making the last year go by so quickly. It's... Read More
Jim & Teri in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It's Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. What are YOU wearing?

Here it is --- National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Are you celebrating this festive holiday with us? Research shows this newer national day "officially" started in 2011, when people decided it was a great way to lighten up what is typically a busy (stressful?) time, and so began the tradition of... Read More