McGaw In The Morning

Jim McGaw & Teri Barr get your weekday started! Jim is a goof ball and Teri is a sweet heart. Between of two of them, they wake you up, make you laugh, get you going and play a ton of Classic Hits all morning long! Listen weekday mornings at 7:30 for the world famous “Brain Strain” to win a... Read More

Teri Barr

Teri Barr is an award-winning host and multimedia journalist; earning an Emmy, Golden Bell, a Sevareid; broadcasting awards from Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and more. “I'm honored to be asked to join Jim and the rest of the terrific team at WOLX. The WOLX history of making a difference by... Read More

Jim Morales

Get to know Mo! Number one most asked question by fans: "Did you really meet Uncle Kracker?" --- Three songs that sound great together: Bob Seger "Sunspot Baby," Eagles "Heartache Tonight," and ELO "Hold On Tight" --- Put these in order: oxygen, food, music, coffee, being right: Oxygen, Chipotle... Read More

Chase Daniels

Born on Long Island, New York, Chase listened to the radio and instantly wanted to be on the other side of the speakers. He's passionate about Top 40 music and radio and he couldn't be happier now that he's at Classic Hits 94.9 WOLX! His career started in Jacksonville, Florida where he was quickly... Read More

Jesse Garon

Jesse Garon helps you cruise through the late evening hours into the very early morning. Meet Jesse Garon! Number one most asked question by fans: "Wait...I have fans? - Three songs that sound great together: Well, when I DJ, I've learned that if you play the "Chicken Dance," "Hokey Pokey," and "... Read More


Born and raised in Arkansas, JR found his passion for entertaining people at an early age and dreamed of being on the radio. He loves music and loves being on a radio station where the music is the star! His career started in Little Rock and moved him all over the country including Jacksonville,... Read More

Tony Lorino

Tony Lorino is a Cheesehead through and through – and he LOVES classic hits! Born in the Milwaukee area, he grew up on a diet of Usingers, Racine Danish Kringle, Packers and Badgers football, and the Steve Miller Band. And, although his career has taken him to other locales such as Des Moines, Iowa... Read More