$50 a year is all it will cost to have one in your home ?

Wednesday, April 11th


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It's 94 point nine W allow like strain strain with Madonna in the morning it's certainly is every morning at 730 winning a win for him to encourage them more than twice five dollars and your grandkids and this morning doing this question Gerri we're. We're calculating household expenses in this morning fifty dollars a year means the costs for having won a decent mean your own Mother's Day and let's pretty important hanging pretty affordable. Fifty dollars is also cost you for a minute one of these at your place. Tell us a 664 and one out of our night and winning Clinton premiums are Benjamin Jerry wish you well we wish you good luck here in W all X. Mean I mean mean mean mean mean mean it's. It's. And can can can can can can can. Can can can can can can can can can can. And can I can't come soon end and I'm I'm I'm through waste a lot of time can can can we return from his plan has. Okay I'm I'm I'm I'm kinda lose the match and unnamed. I'll go. And if you. And how can. They couldn't. My way. Classic kids got a four point nine WO likes green stranger this morning Terry it's all really about. Economics here in this I don't and anything that cost me this little money its people do. Eight dollars a year is their ability men's and very low cost move fifty dollars a year is the cost for having one of these. In your homes fifty bucks a year there's not much at all mom lets her brain strain question what do you what do you think the incidences. They what does that. Didn't well arm that it having a bit quicker goal goldfish is the correct British scripts or are wow we meals right away your old three CI. We had a couple of calls right before this and most people are going more for like mechanical things. Or appliances. So a gold fan she hold station fifty blocks. Out OK I I was way off track on this one myself so good job fifteen dollars a year as she is so it's gonna set you back to have a pet goldfish. Clothes on at all is. They say they don't read my check. You much what did you quick trip gift card if you like death. He's got. We don't and they have goldfish challenge they're quicker I don't know I don't look at pitino they have everything they might you you're right they might be and everything in terms of seizure and it's a little French food or African nice dog this morning Scott. Our goal fish is are correct bring history for this morning he gets it right away it'll cost you fifty dollars a year. Temple in your home and Saul. Nice get older. Nice dogs got nice door.