90 % of us eat at least one of these every week...what is it ?

Friday, February 23rd


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elect spoke on the morning Jim teary with your greatest trick question this morning. Looking at what she leads in giving you more to ease too with your current dancer he's a winner. But debug with coupons good for all over or you die in the entertainment and Morant southern Wisconsin 6641 Audi sport I've answered this. Pretty strange question this morning again what you're eating 90% of us. Eat at least one of these each she'd ever really there's your brain strain question waiting for your brain Israeli answer PW always. Green strain we're glad you called this data you'll probably get it right when we think to this question 90% of received at least one of these each week but the. Winter has been the site I actually have won every single day. Yeah I don't might not look very good today Nelson from the Saint Louis. Now fully answered it's only needs. It is in good hands. I'm interest rates. All home. Do you W always racer racer six or one infinite number of columns are answering 90% of us need at least call one of these each and every week well are you well. I ate my grandma always used to say what. There's plenty in those bugs he admits it did that I don't know I don't think that and I. It takes is all a lot of let me answer clients. Down I don't really streets ACC storm. And I had a dynasty and payments and it was nice to what these extraordinary good fun playing slow. There's some tears when she didn't think. Definitely my. Get a little meetings and it's to build it and they came back now. PE WLX rays or eighty golf since explorer when a drug you're ready for an answer. 90% of us eat at least one of these each and every week. And then sandwich. When he's sixth to LA. He says Sam missiles and I want all my fiance and I. I think we've probably more than one week and the multi facility to what's on how do you GoDaddy I didn't see him say not everything. Weeks though without missing uncertainty it is different precincts. It's not yeah oh yeah and what's your favorite sandwich. And forget the bad protesters that are not so right. I think about apparently a brand well as they can and they're trying to go to Lebanon Beirut than I am right now to make sure things. He's that funny when it comes down to fight. The bread and you know what. Don't want to Jimmie Johnson City funds sponsored the you say Jimmy Johnston and just didn't fall like I. Yeah. On your outages in the Jimmy John I'm not a. Hey there Monday badly they do advertisements and we love milk from. You have a plus she looks out for intelligence and a great yeah we were celebrating Mardi. President Clinton crap and that's.