Brain Strain - July 11, 2016

Monday, July 11th

12% of roommates have secretly borrowed this. What?


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Playing the brain strain the question. 12% of roommates had secretly borrowed vest. What is it that's what they're deodorant or deodorant that's a that's actually a great guests and your very close. But not its thank you thank you sir. All right it is it is not deodorant but 12% of roommates have secretly borrowed this what do you think. Fought tooth brush. Brush that is sat idle thoughts Leo what if I ever had a a roommate borrowed toothbrush and I found out about I would totally freak out most disgusting thing in the world I'm very impressed you got that so quickly and well liked to do it are you Beach Boys fan all about that Nokia and hey who isn't Manuel. Wholesale at the fiftieth anniversary of the beach boys' pet sounds recently came out so I got a copy of that Soria and now you're qualified to win a couple of tickets check them out of the Wisconsin state fair cool.