Brain Strain - July 8, 2016

Friday, July 8th

The average adult in America will spend $5.45 per week on what? 


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Play in the brain strain for 25 dollars to Jung garden center in the question today the average adult in America. We'll spend five dollars and 45 cents every week. On what Stella showed up all at least five dollars and 45 cents on sold off and they'll get beat. They get a blood sale it's a great guests. But unfortunately that's not it but I think if you try and are right it is not soda but the average M adult in America will spend five dollars 45 cents every week on what do you think. Or the lottery tickets yes of course is how much if you spend this week on the lottery with the Mega Millions being 540 million dollars tonight. I'm very. Well I dollar and well make it another 45 cents in your average burial there you know you got 25 dollars to John garden centers seeking Doolittle gardening. Is this evening while you while you wait to win the Mega Millions. Lottery I marry her money.