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Sunday, February 25th

MESBA's Kristie Schilling talks with Teri Barr about the community discussion, "Mass Shootings -- What Can We Do?"


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Again and we are together yes so on March 1 it is from 530 to 7:30 PM. We will be at the loose her family heritage center. Which is oddly farm road on lot of people don't know that owned by Dane County so we actually partnered with this event with the dean Toney executive. On and so they owned that locations that was a perfect location go to CNN it's. Yeah after it hit a lot of people I think he has such yes it is and on you know that's. That's the positive is we're getting a lot of people interested in people wanting to talk about this. Because we realize we're at a crisis point. On this topic you know I really wish I could be here and a happier now but maybe another time we can do and I have to look at. It comes you know it is we're at a crisis point you know and I I woke up the morning after that shooting. And I just I just my heart was so heavy and I just felt ill. And I started thinking you know this is not a matter of if this is gonna hit our community but when. On an Intel I hop on FaceBook to see what the chatter was happening and what people were saying about it and the first post I saw was. One of our com business members so an owner where we were a business collective we like to see if act on the and I saw his post. Brainstorming. A way to solve this issue or at least try to reduce gun violence I I thought to myself. I know this business owner he is incredibly busy and here he is leading a conversation to try to move the needle on this issue and I you know. That that's powerful and on I then I started thinking about my organization and as high so we're we're about 400 members of businesses by. We do cross jurisdictional work with both men known and Madison and I worked regularly with then Manila police department to Madison police department. And both of those school districts. And and we have numerous mental health professionals as members and I thought to myself. You know way our organization has the ability to pull this event together. And I personally feel it's my responsibility and of course a busy like everyone out I don't have time to pick us then but. This is something you make time for and that that's why we're doing this so yes so it was great to get the partnership with two preceding county executive. On the will have both. Superintendent actually from the known a school district in McFarlin school district. So McFarland hopping in which is great because there over located near Loescher family heritage center as well. Com and will have both of those police department trap percent so McFarland and Madonna. We're also going to have. Numerous and mental health professionals and one of those she serves on her names in a month and she serves for the Madison metropolitan school district board of educators. And she's a child mental health advocate and so that's gonna be really helpful and then another one had to sign Dunn is out right in her ring got. And he's an assistant professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at University of Wisconsin so. A big. Big time people come into gathered to try to. Figure out. What we can do half the world frustrated if we don't know what to do aware at a loss and you know we just want to move the needle. Another group you have here's part of advocates which I think is really in James Dean and it's the moms demand action and of course they've had some gatherings heat and so you feel like all the separate gatherings are greats that were all together which is something in kind of scene with the list of people you have involved here why is that important you'd have it all in one place everybody here. From all of the different parties impacted when something as you know it's it's we're also pressed for time it's our most precious resource today. And so to be able to pull this together where we can get all those people in one room. Awesome you know because that we can kind of tickle those boxes you know we can talk about. What do we need to do on a law enforcement side what did the school districts need to do to the need to work on. The parents that are going to be there can express their frustration and concerns. I've talked with I actually talked with a parent just yesterday she is an apprentice at a cobbler in Madonna Madonna shoe repair. And she was she's telling me that her daughter is currently being bullied pretty severely in high school and you know of the schools. While they'd they'd do take yes I stand on bullying sometimes it's not being enforced clay and not and that's where she was expressing her frustration when a cell. And I I believe the districts know they need to work harder and do more it's it's is a difficult thing I think we're in an arrow where a lot of parents are not parenting. And it's all kind of being dumped on the district's Gant. That can be incredibly disruptive and so yeah hard to beat teacher. Yes yes in and I you know I talked with the guys superintendents and the people on the school boards. All of those positions are very contentious and difficult to serve on and so amazing that they're willing to volunteer. And do that well this is this is going to be quite an event and and if you miss the location Dayton everything. We will be passing this along again later in the programs dependent papers and the information excellent and public policy at the race issue giving the information as well. Do like a little personal with you beat the giants like to Huntsville as CE US somebody being in organ. He and then someone trying to separated from them absolutely you know all in and so I remember thinking. My kid's gonna find out about just what having an essay and so my daughter she just turned nine she comes home and says. I noticed all the flags are at half staff why is that it at. All. What do I say it what I'd do and so here I'm kind of at a loss you know I don't want to link this to school and I deliberately Vista education because. This issue goes way beyond that and it it's kind of one of the things we're gonna try to focus on I mean a lot of people will be coming to this event to focus on. School safety and how can we reduce this from happening in schools. But the real deal is just doesn't only happen in schools it happens in theaters concerts churches. Jenny public place today our eye on is is you know. Abject to this and possibilities dot com has so it it you know I just I told her what happens in you know that. It does something that she could handle at her age level but it doesn't really first time you've had to tells Britain's now I have it is unfortunately it isn't so I'm really looking forward to learning from these professionals what to say it how to phrase it and and frame it in a good context for her. On one individual we're gonna have at this event so I don't know and I would love your listeners to look into an organization it's called the sandy hook promise. Kind of a new word saying so they are looking for promise keepers throughout the United States there is one in Wisconsin. And she just happens to have her office down the hall from us so of course I reached out to her and she and she's shared that organization with me. And all boy did they have some profound materials. On looking for the science what do I do this setting up those safety networks that we can kind of he makes sure you know kids can report this without being subject to bullying. On and so he should you believe in so obviously they're. They're taking their their grief and and things that they went through in trying to already do something pots absolutely channeling nobody going moving from anger. To action he adds that's what we're hoping to do you know and it is it's a frustrating thing. You know I've I've reached out to a lot of lawmakers to be there. It's you know our organization is not a political organization in any any sense of the word. But you know. It this is typical issued to enter into without it becoming political. So at this event you know I'll I'll definitely be kind of raining people in if it goes that direction. But yeah I have yet to hear from many lawmakers that are coming cell. It's a little bit unfortunate on they're kind of the ones we need to talk with yes but you know. The league pennant making these direct contacts with the school districts are law enforcement. That that's critical as well and and just the assistant will get from the mental health. Advocates and professionals obviously you mentioned in owner and McFarlin and and you've got some other folks coming in from Madison and other. Areas would you say that this is an open door to anybody who wants to come in we have listeners and the gals and the Arab group absolutely. I feel are doing something like this in their area home to. Absolutely it's free it's open to everybody you know and you know not only are we gonna try to connect. Figure out some way is to take action and and move towards some solutions but. This out probably serve as a therapy session for a lot of people probably myself included. On just coming together with people wanting to make a difference and and that are willing to spend their personal time. Trying to find solutions that. That kind of support is just so important and Hampshire. I I'm sure we'll get some pretty awesome of results come out chairs I'm pretty amazing he has. We. Are talking right now on weekend perspective with Kristi Schilling she's the executive director Roman known at east side business alliance. And right now working on through the Dane County executive's office to put together a mass shootings at once can we do event with analysts. And a chance for everybody to talk and of course this wine. Coming together her mom just after the most recent shooting at a school in Florida of course seventeen people killed there are. On their band threats in our area since how many people elect copycat means some on there was also any out parents. Com exotic dancer to a school with a sign saying gone on the signed. And he did tell police when he was arrested I simply wanted to show people how easy it is to get into school. I don't know that that's the answer I give him are are a little bit of credit for trying to prove a point but at the same time. This event is where you can really go and hopefully as a group. Make a big difference. Is it that way I used thought OK and really need to bring these people together this has not been changed well. You know it so much of my work is connecting people hack. I always say and a half of my job is a Gartner and the other half my job as a Mason and planting seeds in handling foundations. And but I am also a connect to her hand a way. As it's connecting people and I think that'll come out of this people can connect with moms who demand and a mom's demanding action from consent. If that's a group that you can really yup passionate about and can relate to break connect with them or how can I connect at my school district. Help serve on the committee to solve these issues and make it less easy. To get into the school. On you know I think yeah hopefully we'll get a lot of connections made here and it's it's kind of I always think of it as. Ollie do little spiders with our web this. But it takes an organization like this to kind of connect all the web together. So we can have this big safety network and it you know big structure and habit to help you know support our community in in as a whole. And the response when you've been reaching out to the various people that you have as part of the Sunday. Grateful that you're trying to had to do a lot of legwork to bring all of the aspects of this issue together. They've been nervous and they said let me think about the you know I'll tell you'll no it's definitely been grateful people have been grateful when I reached out to DR Olson the superintendent app and undergrowth school district. His his response in his call to me was we would absolutely love to partner with you on this on this event so. It is and that type of response on people and I'm getting random emails just thank you for doing this job. You know it's an important events in someone's got to do it had. Like I said yeah our organization we have access to so many so many resources and we have the ability to pull this together. You know we are staffer to. I have yeah. Or 400 members that that's unheard of kind of in chamber of commerce world Virginia hardware egging people and we go getters and I. To get things done on so yet fortunately people are grateful I was. Hanging. Ask you this. When this night is over and it I doubt that this will be the first and last name. What do you hope people can walk away with after this event in this coming week. Well we're gonna provide a list of resources and that will be coming from all of these panelists though it'll be mental health resources that sandy hook promised guided they have some great videos and on the agree publication and looking for the signs and then what to do. So that was of resources alone will be great team and I really what it's get people to talk about an action plan. So number one. What can they do if a student if it may be their child comes to them and says. Someone in my class is scaring me. What can I do so let's get them to know what they can do and how they can report that anonymously to their school districts so their child is not singled Alex. And you know bullied as a as a results on. Actually had that happen to me when I was in high school. I I remember I I reported someone who was doing something that was horrible and I just couldn't take it. And the purse that I get in trouble a lot because they can't keep my mouth shut I got. Would get a he got hurt and I. And I remember I was I was in eighth grade and I remember riding the bus home and I was encircled by this group of high school is just not our cue it up horrible things I just was in tears the whole way home. That was a rough year in school for me so. That I think is an important piece of this is that we don't need kids going through that you know high school is hard enough as it is sure that the hardest part of our lives. That would turn adults here. You know it's much easier I tell a lot of kids that it's yeah you you wish you could get that message through to the same thing they think we have what ever in when you every kid yeah right. Or just hanging in there. It's now I think a lot of us are still inspired by the kids that we're seeing that artist. They're not there you know the kind of becoming the pebbles they're not gonna let this just go away like so many of the other shootings that happened. And it's important we needed group spearheading that and while it's children. Amazing.