A leading university found that men who do this make better leaders. What?

Monday, April 9th


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Classic he has got a four point nine WO Lex was the guy on the morning Jim teary listen closely now for this braves' string questioned. You giggle and a 25 dollar quick trip gift card with your correct answer. And six explore. 19 point nine here's the question. Men that do this are flown it to be viewed as better leaders. Get guys to do this. Are viewed to be better leaders. Call us what your brain strain answer right now. WL sprays street glad you told the morning. Are you prepared for all you get. Yeah. Do this or view it is better eagerness to get drunk every day I'm well I'm really. Until we get some. Monday's bloody bloody deli all crazy and we're glad you on the line in the absence of you know well and we can't what are we ain't gonna. You do not have gone mentally on you work and I'm really upset if you win this similarly be happy and I'll. Men do that's our view is better than lead us. Out of 100. Prior to Christmas since they're both iphones. Nice and a the thought. Our round I'm gonna have come I didn't have a car. How did you know nevermind I'm not I'm not rivalries are notre 200 advice blog and let me ask you have a good day now. W illustrates their success for one minute before nine and we do miss our team it's didn't lead us. Three teach and answered this sorry I'm not. My assets like she really money for your data and unions are. And then and then and they and it's not an eight. But yeah you you always it and hip hop W all these great 366419. Point nine menu. This. Eat dinner and yeah so. I think. Listen what do you earn the most yeah listen in general Jim. And soon. Saying you are. All of this W Orleans green strained right I'll do successful 100 on what instruments. It is pretty straight answer. Is it seems there had no wedding you didn't need better leaders of the tournament. But all eager hands. You're home to normal. We'll respect do you move. Is this yeah. That's.