New research shows doing this for your parents can actually help them live longer. What is it ?

Wednesday, February 7th


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It's time for the Madonna morning world's it was brain strain would Jim and Terry call 6641949. With your answer. Answer correctly Elvis week two and a 25 dollar quick trip gift cards this morning's question Hillary's searches shown. This could actually help your parents live longer. They would love her mom and dad's this could actually help them. Stay alive longer. Here's your brain strain question do you call Ed WO elect. Ex top hundred in China meanwhile. We love. All. Look behind Dan yeah I'm proud and I guess we'll get in Belgrade. Yeah it's. Doesn't wanna hang around play with a chance to see them do. To wait and. Good morning it's really screens are you ready. No yeah I. I mean that it's doing this for your parents get a little longer. Alvaro. And barring body borrowing money from. I guess I'm a crazy crazy years six explore 194 I was sure I guess doing this for your parents could actually help them live longer pulling your Rahal and you're actually instead of hanging around your forties look at ticket if it. I like that yes relax I. And nodded but it's a good adapt pretty strange UBS unsuccessful or one hour before ninth this year parents could actually help them live longer news studies shown store. Well. During learning. More need Harry yeah I think spend retirement and Gracia. Eat travel a farm team on vacations with gifts yeah. All of our trying to campaign that's not only a good idea good just not the districts all. 664100. On your green street answer hotline here would Syrian gym. New research shows doing this for your parents to actually help them live longer. About cross. Calling them more often is the answer we were looking for serious. Quality Yasser all of that is a great answer all of your mom and dinner tomorrow it's all. All relative LT to a lot of yeah I am winning here hey what's your name meant that for corporate and who is jobs Steve men.