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Jim Morales
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The Brain Strain


Doctor's Day Today

Today, the 30th, is Doctor's Day.  So named because anesthetic was first used on this day in 1842.  Insert joke here about me being there to witness that.  Actually ether was first used as an anesthetic during a minor operation.  So before that, what?  all you got was a bullet to bite?  I am old enough to have had ether, but that's all I'm admitting to.

A new study finds that the stereotype is true:  Men don't go to the doctor unless there's something wrong.
It's a small sample, just 519 participants, but the national survey commissioned by Esquire magazine found that nearly half of all men 18 to 50 years old (45 percent) don't have a primary care physician. A third of men haven't had a check-up in over a year. More:
--70 percent have never had a prostate exam (early detection of any cancer there can save your life)
--40 percent of men in their 40s have never had their cholesterol tested
--39 percent said they could stand to lose 20 pounds or more
--58 percent say they think about the healthiness of what they eat but indulge sometimes; 21 percent say it hardly crosses their mind
--57 percent of men eat fast food one to three times a week; a third once a month or less; six percent, never; five percent eat it daily
--43 percent say they're sedentary, usually sitting while at work
--34 percent say they work out two to three times a week; 19  percent say they never do; 19 percent work out daily.

Editor's note: Only time a guy starts talking medicine? When he needs Viagra.  Ok, that's not true I just threw it in to see if you're still reading this.

FYI:  Know what's stunning? Reading  the online reader comments from the USA Today  article. Here's a sample of some of the top comments:
--If you can, stay away from doctors. It's all in the way a man lives anyway. Not going for checkups. If a man gets himself outdoors enough, does a bit of exercise, maintains a halfway decent diet, he'll more or less be fine.
--I turned 65 last year and desided [sic] to get me a doctor. The first thing he said was in should get one of those butt probes. I think I'll wait another 65 years and see how I feel then.
--Went to the Doctor for regular checkup last summer, blood work, EKG, etc. After all the copays from all the different labs and stuff came in, it was over $500 out of pocket. I'd rather just wait till I'm sick.
Editor's note: Yeah, it'll be much cheaper having a stroke instead of having that annual exam.

I'm calling for a check up right now!  I know, I also need a check up, from the neck up!

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03/30/2011 6:26AM
Doctor's Day Today
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