The Brain Strain


Friday Brain Strain

A recent survey claims this happens most often on Friday afternoon.  What?

Incorrect Guesses:  car accidents, go to the bank, pretend to be sick to get out of work early, get a car wash, traffic jams, run out of gas, car manufacturing mistakes, car jacking, filling up with gas, speeding ticket, buy a new car, have a flat tire, car breaks down.

Correct Answer:  Road Rage

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08/12/2011 4:25AM
Friday Brain Strain
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08/12/2011 5:05AM
Jennifer Jo Chase
Hey Scott Miller! I hear that But WAIT, there's MORE! today at 4 will be Dusty Springfield... I hope you aren't messing with Heather's happiness and really planning to play BUFFALO Springfield. :) Either one would reduce road rage i think. weird tho, i would have thought road rage would be higher on Monday and sweet freedom would be big on Fridays. weird. and PS, you may be also a Rock Star, but I am also an Indy Car Driver. Hellos to Heather and Adam. your friend and fan, Jennifer Jo Chase of Madison's Most Excellent East Side.
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