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Adam Elliott

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Halloween Costumes? Don't Go Here

If you're looking to buy a Halloween costume this year, you apprently need to  AVOID THESE.  Some of the worst ones seen are a sexy Oscar the Grouch . . . a 'big foot' costume that's not the half-man, half-ape but literally a large foot . . . a costume of the Sun that's just a yellow felt circle with a few points . . . and a woman's full-body jumpsuit that has "Halloween" printed on it for no apparent reason.

#5.)  Cry Baby Adult Costume.  This costume features an oversized tan polyester bodysuit with a large white diaper and a bib that says "Cry Baby."  Rather hideous.
#4.)  Sexy Oscar the Grouch.  Last year "Sesame Street" released a line of sexier adult costumes.  Some, like Elmo and Cookie Monster, might be okay.  But putting a garbage can lid on your head and wearing a skirt with a garbage can print is not.
#3.)  Big Foot.  This isn't Bigfoot, the half-man, half-ape.  This is a costume where you're wearing a giant foot.  With hairy toes.  And it costs $50.
#2.)  The Sun.  This costume is just lazy.  Basically it's a big yellow felt circle with a few points sticking out.  And it costs $40.
#1.)  A Woman's Jumpsuit That Says "Halloween."  It's not even a costume.  It's a cheap-looking full-body jumpsuit that inexplicably has the word "Halloween" printed near the left shoulder. 

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10/08/2012 10:31AM
Halloween Costumes? Don't Go Here
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