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Popcorn & A Movie

Adam Elliott blogs about movies, cinema life and other goofy things.

Movie Review: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Rated PG-13 – 2h27

Ummm, when did the Autobots turn into revenge killers who carry out mafia/gangland style killings? I think I missed that part of the cartoon TV series from the 80’s. I will say that Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is the better of the three Transformers movies that Director Michael Bay has delivered, but that’s not saying much.

In this two and one-half hours of special effects overkill, we are told the real reason for the space race of the 1960’s was because an alien ship had crashed on the moon. Flash forward to the present, where the “good” Autobots discover the well kept secret and have to race “evil” Decepticons to discover its secret.

I use good and evil in parenthesis, because it seems the sides these two robot races once took are much blurrier now. Sure, Decepticons want to enslave the human race, but it’s all in the name of going back home. Their goal is not to fight the good guys, just go back home. The Autobots this time are motivated not only to protect the Earth, but they also carry out intensely violent revenge-style killings of their foes.

So, is that a good thing? It surely adds a darker element to this type of bubble gum entertainment. Once you get through the first 45 minutes of plot build up, the action is quite intense and it doesn’t stop. I hope your ears can take it, mine barely did. I suppose that is the point of a movie that has an otherwise incoherent plot and dialogue that seems was written by a 10 year old.

Also, I’m not really a fan of shoot ‘em up video games, but the appeal of this movie is clearly directed at lovers of first person shooter games. In one battle scene, the audience is given the same perspective of the first person shooter video game. It was a little disturbing for my tastes.

I did find two moments extremely entertaining. I liked the pairing of John Turturro and Frances McDormand. Both are frequently in many beloved Coen Brothers movies. Sadly, even they are unnecessary, just like the rest of the humans in the Transformers movies.

I also loved the settings. Part of the movie is shot at Milwaukee’s Art Museum. Unfortunately the building stays intact. Another scene is downtown Chicago. The same can’t be said for the Windy City, which virtually suffers some severe damage. It’s always more fun seeing landmarks you’re familiar with getting blown up.

In all, I can’t recommend this film for the simple reason that it’s two and one-half hours long. I don’t care what movie it is. No one who just drank a 64oz soda should have to wait that long for a restroom break.

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06/30/2011 7:12AM
Movie Review: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
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07/02/2011 6:55PM
Sam Van Haren
So you're saying that any movie that is longercthan two hours it is not worth watching. So There Will be Blood, Bridge Over the River Lwai and the Lord of the Rings are not worth our time? I'm not comparing Transformers to these films but this movie is very enjoyable and obviously not meant for you anyway. Maybe you should stick to Traffic reports there Adam. This article felt like an Andy Rooney rant.
08/25/2011 6:56PM
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