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Jason Ryan
I'm a daydream believer.
Heather Moore
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Morning show matriarch

Heather's first "broadcast" was in 1980. Cast as the princess in an elementary school production of The Princess and the Frog, her 4th grade class performed the play live for the entire school in an audio-only format.  Yep, they did the play on the overhead announcement system.  Loving the sound of her own disembodied voice, radio seemed a natural progression once college required a declaration of a major. Radio, in fact, had a lot of things going for it in Heather's mind over the shinier TV option.  At a radio station, no one cares if you work on the air without make-up.  And no consultant ever tells you that the microphone adds 10 pounds.  With her face scrubbed clean and wearing sweatpants, Heather loves every second the On-Air Light is on.


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