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Mornings with Mike & Heather
Did you know you can still listen to us online HERE? It's perfect if you don't have a radio!

Weekdays 5:30a-10a

Mike Waters & Heather Moore wake you up and get you going each weekday.

Listen for:
  • 7:30am -- The Brain Strain -- check The Brain Strain Blog later in the day in case you missed the answer!
  • 8:030am -- The Wayback Machine -- listen for the top five songs from an individual month from past years!

Weekdays 2p-7p

JIm McGaw gets you through the workday and at 4pm brings you "But Wait. There's More." 

Weekdays 6:43p

Outdoor Minutes with Marv Holewinski provides listeners with his passion and 30 years of in-the-field research on how the weather affects wildlife and fish feeding behavior. Marv will also share fishing tips, water temp info for local & the Great Lakes, ice thicknesses and snow depths statewide, plus a myriad of useful info.

Outdoor Minutes with Marv Holewinski is brought to you by RP Adlers, Middleton Power and Project Turnabout.

Did you miss an Outdoor Minute? Catch the latest tips with Marv Holewinski here!

Evenings 7p - Midnight

Jesse Garon will help you cruise through the late evening hours into the very early morning.

Saturday 7p - Midnight

Party music has no boundaries.  It’s genderless, ageless, and era-less because it’s timeless! ”The Ultimate Party” is the most fun you will ever have listening to the radio…I promise! It’s five hours of wall to wall party hits.  If it wasn’t a party hit, it ain’t gonna be played.  Period.  Join the party.  Take “The Party Pledge” by signing up for “The Ultimate Party” Underground Lampshade Club.  Send me an email with your name, address, age and telephone number and we’ll make sure your on the list for free party favors like t-shirts, mugs, hats, trips to far away fun party places and even cold hard party cash!Listen every Saturday night for your chance to win.

Also please let me know about your favorite party songs you’d like to hear more of or any ideas you may have for the show. Reach me live toll free at 1-800-Tom Kent this Saturday night,
or email

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ultimate Party Saturdays is brought to you exclusively by the Crystal Grand Music Theatre in the Dells!


Sunday 5a - 9a

Scott Shannon has already had a “hall of fame” career in radio, and his most recent distinction was his appointment as the new morning drive host at WCBS-FM in New York this past March.   Shannon’s career has spanned more than four decades, and, among his accomplishments, he is credited with developing the “Morning Zoo” format for morning shows.   When Scott arrived at WHTZ (“Z-100”) in New York, he took the station on a legendary ride “from worst to first.”   His next stop in New York was at WPLJ where he co-hosted the Morning Show for 22 years.    In addition to being an avid record collector and musical authority, Scott is also the creator of the round-the-clock “True Oldies” Channel which is currently distributed online.  He has hosted nationally distributed radio shows and specials in the past, and he has also anchored music programming on television, including a stint as an original VJ on VH1.  Scott Shannon started in broadcasting as a teenager, and in his storied career has won numerous awards including a Marconi Award from the National Association of Broadcasters, a group that has also inducted Scott Shannon into their Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Sunday 9a - 10a

Brought to you by: Fuji Sushi & Hibachi Authentic Japanese Sushi, Hibachi Grill & Lounge, Greenway Station, Middleton!

Sunday 6p - Midnight

Some of my fondest memories were in the 1970s.  Afro’s, platfrom shoes, wide bottom pants, low cut silk shirts and a hairy chest with gold chains, and the cars! I owned a red 1976 Bricklin. If you can’t quite place the vehicle, it looked a lot like the DeLorean that became famous in the Back to the Future movies. A Bricklin was made out of unbreakable plastic and had what must have been 300 pound doors. No worries. The car salesman assured me there would be no problems because of a button that when pressed would open them for me via hydraulics.  Note to self. Make sure buttons like these work. Mine didn’t and I was back to the dealership so they could let me out of my own car. So much for the 70s. Ha!
Truely, it was a great time and the music takes us back in a snap. That’s what My 70′s Show celebrates. Think about it. The 70′s gave us some of the best pop music ever recorded. Artists like Elton John, Carly Simon, and Fleetwood Mac.  It’s all here on My 70′s Show, every year from 1970 to 1979. We’ll also catch up with some of the artists that made the decade great and share stories about what we liked most about the 70s.

This is YOUR 70s show. Feel free to pass along what you think.  Email

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