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Win Prizes Each Day
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Jingle Bingo

Listen and play Jingle Bingo to win daily prizes from:
Each week beginning November 28th, cards similar to this one can be downloaded from the Triple M email or you can pick one up at participating Cost Cutters locations.

Each weekday there will be a time that Jingle Bingo will start. Once Jingle Bingo starts, listen for the songs listed on your card. The goal is to get five across, diagonally, know, Bingo! The first person to get bingo, and call the WOLX studio line @ 281-1949 and say "Jingle Bingo" or just "Bingo", will win the prize from that day.
There are 2 different ways that you can get your hands on the Jingle Bingo cards each week:
         1. Become a WOLX Insider and we'll email you the new Jingle Bingo card every week!
         2. Download the card to the corresponding week

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