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Scott Miller In The Morning

Welcome Scott Miller! Listen to the Scott Miller in the Morning show on WOLX weekdays from 5:30am until 10:00am .

Get to know Scott:

Scott was born in Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, Canada (Really – You can look it up, there is such a place), and grew up in Toronto (although the grew up part is still open to debate). That’s why Scott has lots of stations that begin with C’s instead of W’s on his resume, including the legendary CKLW for over 10 years.

He emigrated to the US on the 4th of July (legally – f.y.i.) and worked at Oldies 104.3 in Detroit, then Oldies 104.3 in Chicago (made learning the slogans real easy). After over 8 years on the former Chicago Oldies station, WJMK, Scott moved to Florida.
 "I've worked round the radio clock; mornings, mid days, evenings, nights, weekends, been a Program Director, even had a TV show" (Wow – Really?) "and look forward to being a part of the community in Madison, starting every morning on WOLX."


Astrological Sign:  Stop.  Actually, Cancer.

Kids:  Ix nay

First concert:  Adam and Eve Acoustic Rolling Stones in the Garden of Eden Tour

Favorite food: Yes

Favorite movie(s) of all time: Off the top of my head, Shawshank Redemption.  

Favorite Song Ever: I might be able to narrow it down to Top 100 in random order, but even that would be very difficult.  So many Classic Hits fill the need depending on my mood, the weather, whether my team won, etc.

Favorite artist(s) and/or group(s) of all time:  Aretha, Beatles, CCR, and that's only the A,B,C's.

Favorite Books: Don't tell anyone but I own almost every hockey book published in the past 50 years.

Hobbies: Scrabble, Walking, Playing Hockey, and being with my wife, Lisa....although I'm not certain that's a hobby.

Favorite Childhood Memory:  Listening to Heather and Adam on the radio.

Things That Make Me Laugh:  Heather and Adam on the radio.  My wife, Lisa.  And my Scrabble playing ability.

Favorite TV Shows: I didn't realize Hockey Night In Canada isn't on in Madison.

Cats or dogs?: No, but Yes.

Latest accomplishment: This means you don't think I finish what I start, righ

Why I Do What I Do:  Enough with all the questions.

Strange But True:  I see dead people.

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