Online Shoppers Are Buying Crocs Like Crazy!

Guys, we’re going through some kind of weird epidemic right now! According to a resale website named thredUP , used Crocs are super hot item right now. In fact, they say that Crocs sell 58% quicker than any other product on their site. So why are tons of people are all of a sudden wanting a pair of...
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Safest Mother's Day Gifts

Every year you fret over what to get Mom for Mother's Day... something that's thoughtful and not the same ol' gift you got last year, and the year before! Well, a new study revealed a list of gifts that Mom really wants. You may be surprised to learn that maybe Mom does want the same ol' thing...
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If You Want to Look Younger Stop Doing This in Pics

Many of us spend our time trying to look younger than we really are, right? Well, there is a super simple trick that you can do if you want to look younger in your photos. This may be kind of shocking. In fact, when I read the findings of the new study that came out of Canada I had to do a double-...
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Warning Signs That You're Actually Addicted to Shopping

For starters, there is no such thing as being an actual "shopaholic." There is, however, a condition called Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) . CBD is usually caused by an underlying disorder. That could be anxiety, anger management, depression, low self-esteem, etc. So how can you tell the...
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Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why Your Dog Looks Guilty

Your dog does something wrong, and he responds by giving you a really sad look. Those really sad eyes with his head leaning down quite a bit. If you have a dog, you know this situation all too well. Animal behaviorists have called it an "apology bow." We love seeing these photos when we enjoy...
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New Radar Can Detect When You're Texting While Driving

A new radar gun that will tell police when you're texting and driving is close to completion. Comsonics (a Virginia-based company) has created a new radar gun to catch those that are behind the wheel and texting at the same time. Experts say that the new device would pick up the radio frequencies...
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