It Costs Nearly $10,000 to Start a New Relationship?

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and every year it seems that prices for gifts are on the rise. Apparently, falling in love WILL cost a lot. A Canadian company did some research on just how much it costs to fall in love and the number is pretty high! According to , one year...
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Why Is Tinder Sending This Couple to Hawaii for Their First Date?

Here's the story of Josh and Michelle, and this story is "so 2017!" Josh and Michelle matched on Tinder, where they began the process of messaging each other in the hopes of going on an actual face-to-face date at some point. That was one year ago. They have yet to meet. Recently, Josh tweeted...
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PHOTOS: Divorce Selfies Are Now Actually a Real Thing

There are an increasing number of ways to celebrate divorces. There are divorce cakes , divorce parties , and "divorce-moons" happening. Yes, people are finding all kinds of ways to celebrate their official split. So "the latest trend in divorce" is actually a #divorceselfie. Yep, it's all about...
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